Clean equipment lasts longer.
Extend equipment life-cycles, lower maintenance costs.

  • During rig move or rig walking, or if you just need the rig spotless in a timely manner because of an inspection or audit, we are
  • Our onsite team will remove hard water, rust and carbon stains within 12 hrs! This is ahuge benefit to you because you don’t have to tie up hands washing while rigging down or performing other tasks!
  • We perform mud tank washing when switching from water base to oil base mud.
  • Additionally, because safety is an MG Cleaners core value, every employee undergoes appropriate training to give them the capacity to safely manage ongoing field operations.

Plain and simple: clean equipment has a longer life-cycle. MG Cleaners implements on-site large vehicle cleaning and rig washing solutions throughout North America for drilling, mining and fracking. We specialize in cleaning and washing oil-field services trucks and equipment so that it lasts longer. Contact us today and learn about how our cost-effective solutions will extend the life-cycle of your equipment and lower your maintenance costs.